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One thing that always amazes me returning from a trip is that there is one little place, on one short street, in one little corner of a city on the global map…that is landmarked for each of us…the place we call home.

Our quiet nest to rest and find peace…away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, stress, and busyness. Today I invite you to my little spot on this wide world of wonderful networking. As you travel from room to room—link to link—I hope you find something of value to trigger your thoughts or soothe your soul.

Browse for a moment. Click on my blog (started July 07) Check out the Bio/Media page above. Read an article or quote. Find encouragement as a single Christian through the devotionals, transition topics or stories of other singles finding love for a lifetime (Ring Connection). My wish is that you find some nugget for your travels today from the God of eternal encouragement to free your faith, kindle hope or inspire love.

Go with God.

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