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Trust in the Lord and in His Hand

The hand of God appears when our thoughts are mentally stuck on a hamster wheel and there is no escaping to consider any worthy solutions –we have lost the ability to think creatively, or see any scenario beyond that cage we are trapped in—our human understanding. It is in such states that God coaxes us to trust in him, forget the spinning thoughts, don’t lean on our own solutions

that aren’t happening anyway, and acknowledge Him-- trusting He can direct our path. He can open the door and lead us to freedom, and new options, and a whole world of possibilities and answers we cannot comprehend beyond the cage, beyond the wheel of our finite mind.

That is what it is like to trust God, the God who created everything and made mountains and challenges us to cross their very face…following Him. When everyday feels like a challenge and a mountain then we are following the right guide. The perfect guide. “He will be our guide even until death” ( Ps 48:14 KJV)

Once I was on a glacier, unable to move my feet, clinging to the side of a white slate of ice in a true state of paralysis of analysis. "If I put this foot in this little carved out step across the face of this mountain, the other one might slip,"I thought. So I just stayed still. Which is also part of guidance. Often it’s better to do nothing and wait—than to do the wrong thing, all first responders know in ER situations. Suddenly help arrived. The mountain guide who was leading our trip stepped his way easily to my position on the mountain, and stood beside me.

When the guide appeared, he melted the cold block of rigid fear inside of me, by putting out his hand. The moment his warm grip encircled my hand, I forgot about my feet. I lost the thought of the difficulty and danger I was in, freed by the fact that the guide was there with me. “Follow me,” he instructed. And I did, so I can write about it thirty years later. But don’t ask me where I put my feet. I never did figure that out.

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