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The Dating Dock -  A Dating Metaphor... Confused by dating? Wonder what stage you are at in your journey? Does the person you are with have marriage potential?


"this is just what I needed to read right now"  Sarah, Florida nursing college student


" a great resource on an absolutely critical topic"  John Jackson, President William Jessup University


DogSpirations - Dog-inspired devotions help us understand ourselves, others and God


 "dogSpirations is the best book I have read in a long time!" …  Millie (Owner of Trends n Treats)


"dogSpirations is a beautiful book of God's love shown through some amazing dogs and amazing stories. These stories are captivating and heartwarming. They will make you think twice about life and your circumstances. Inspirational and encouraging!"                      Suzanne M



Lord of the Ringless - 40 Devotions and Bible Studies to equip and encourage single Christians as they wait for a God-given mate, while they date and pursue their dreams. 


"Inspiring! Hopeful! Dee encourages single Christians to live a more fulfilling Christ-centered life. This devotional will grasp your head, your heart and your spirit in a refreshing, revitalizing way"   Kim Johnson, LMFT


"The value of this book is its sensitivity to the struggles of the single woman and how she can as a believer remember her First Love and trust Him with her life! You know the pain and frustration having lived it firsthand." Debbie


"This book greatly strengthen and enriches the weak and struggling and not so weak saint. These stories aren't just for single people. Married women could use these too. Keep on with the love of the King."         Bonnie


Available as ebook and a faith-based, inspirational Audie-nominated audiobook.



The Dating Dock

Paperback and ebook at AMAZON



DogSpirations is available at AMAZON - Paperback,  Ebook.

Lord of the Ringless

Lord of the Ringless is available at AMAZON -Paperback, Ebook and audiobook.


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