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Biblically-based Soul and Body Strengthening


The Back Story—Why I started Pilates and Yoga


" We can never repair your neck. We can do surgery on your lower back." A decade ago ortho surgeons and neurologists looked at multiple MRI’s and told me I had the back of an eighty-four-year old from cumulative sprains and injuries to my muscles and spine. Thirty years of active hospital nursing had taken its toll. Herniated discs in my neck and lower back shot pain down both arms to my hand, and sciatica down to my right foot, which dragged the floor. My world somersaulted from extra-active to couch potato.


I moved well in the lap pool. But on land, years and costly therapy didn't stop the vicious cycle of unrelenting, unpredictable, unstable.
One day, a sports-ortho doctor advised mat Pilates. I began classes at Cal Fit, my back plastered firm against a mat with a block under my head to support my neck.


My first Pilates instructor (who lost 100 pounds) used simple, core stabilizing slow, repetitive movements with focused breathing. Six months in she remarked—“Your neck is getting stronger.” As my core strengthened and posture improved, I felt muscle tone return. During routine daily activities, my core engaged vs my back disengaged (“went out”). Muscles train slow and tedious. They thrive on routine.


When I added yoga, poses improved balance, stretches added flexibility. As with pilates, synchronous movement and breathing brought mental calm . Achy joints loosened with movement, Hamstrings and tight hip flexors lost their grip on my lower back and spine. Muscle spasms diminished. 


Quality of Life?  I am grateful for the body that once carried me to mountain peaks. My new norm has enabled me to walk, even hike hills, again. I remember the discouragement and cost searching for answers, hoping for a better tomorrow. Could my story help you? The road to recovery is slower than slow. Retraining and stretching tight muscles is agony... at first. It's two steps forward, one step back. But eventually with God's help and perseverance changes will come. Hope is the launching pad to a journey toward your best health today. You are not alone, especially when you are working out with others.



Mind/Body Disciplines


The primary components to revive a breathless body are 1-airway, 2-breathing and 3-circulation.



The A,B,C’s to mental and physical revitalization and renewal are:

Alignment        Breathing        Concentration



Align your thoughts with God's Word. If you desire mental stability from unfocused thoughts, practice the discipline of meditation. Inhale, focus on beneficial good and true thoughts. Exhale, get rid of toxic thoughts, lingering unforgiveness and resentment. Choose to believe God loves you. Give grace often.



A healthy you is less dependent and more available to help others. Start today. Work on your posture by sitting erect instead of slumping in a chair. Pulling your shoulders back instead of letting them lead you as you walk. Set goals. Schedule exercise. Eat right. The body you have has brought you through alot. It is a gift. Treat it with respect and kindness and it will stand up for you.



Life is a series of small steps. Daily routines are important to a sense of well-being.

It's better to be late than never. One step forward is better than no steps forward.


Do you know in a race all runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way to get the prize…1 Corinthians 9:24



AFAA/NASM certified/ RN/ Coach Graduate Studies certificate Western Seminary

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