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Poems of Grief..Pilot Dad and Young Mom

These beautiful poems were written by a dear friend, Nancy Broadhurst, to her parents. Her Dad recently passed a hero who fought in 3 wars and piloted fighter planes, cargo planes, Cessna's and helicopters. Her Mom died years ago. She still misses her dearly.

Heaven’s Tarmac

You stand, steady and sure,

Gazing at the long line of them (30+!)

Poised and ready for flight.

You remember the feel of each one…

You see the intricate details of each instrument panel,

You hear clearly the distinct whirr of each engine,

From the bombers and fighters to the helicopters

From the huge cargo birds to the small Cessna’s.

You loved each one.

Spryly, you hop into a cockpit,

Your new heavenly body as young and fit as the day you got your wings at 16.

You put ‘er in gear, cruise down the tarmac,

And point to the sky.

Fly, Daddy, Fly!

by Nancy Broadhurst

Poem for You, Mom

by Nancy Broadhurst

The years fly by

so quickly

We take for granted

the love

the time…


And then,

one day,

there isn’t enough


To put a lifetime of love into words…

How can I do that?

But it is there

in every breath I take

and every breath I will take all my life

the rest of my life.

You have always been there.

You will always be there.

Because you see,

There will not always be time…

But there will always be

the love.

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