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Reunion Sites - Danger to Marriages?

Re-posted blog from Thu, 15 Jan 2009

Trish Goyer author of Generation Next Marriage, shared over the airwaves last week in a frank discussion, the day an email popped up on her computer at work and how it affected her marriage.

This is a time when email sites are devoted to hooking you up to people in your past--there are all kinds of reunion sites, the radio host stated.

Trish met her husband after she became a Christian and left a promiscuous lifestyle. "I was seventeen and pregnant on our first date." She knew her husband to be was special by the end of that date. They talked and talked and discussed God and their dreams. She knew she could have a real relationship with him and soon after they married and had children.

Then one day I headed for work in my usual manner. Suddenly an email from the first person I'd been intimate with as a teenager popped up at work. "Seeing the email opened a flood of emotions. I emailed back which opened conversation. He had named his daughter after me. Two days later we talked. I felt guilty and emotional. I called my girl friends and told a few what was happening so I could get a prayer covering.

I sat down and told my husband, "I have an old boyfriend emailing me-my emotions are out of control; I need prayer. I have emotions and I don't want them there."

MY husband was surprised. We are very happy and have beautiful children. He prayed with me that our relationship would stay strong. Tears streamed down his face. I felt so bad and I loved him so much. The next day I emailed my friend and cut off all communication. It took awhile for my husband to find healing. the next few months into the next year were a growing time in our marriage.

Trish shared with the listening audience how she dealt with her emotions during that healing time.

One night I went to Jesus and pictured Him with me as I remembered and asked forgiveness for every person I had been with before I met my husband. "Jesus will you forgive me for this... Jesus will you forgive me when I turned to _______instead of to you for love."

"We need Him to dig into our hearts and take what needs to be healed...."

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