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The Man Without Limbs - part 2

Re-posted blog from Fri, 05 Sep 2008

Nick Vujicic shared from the stage this past weekend, “Your life can be a priceless gift of hope for someone else.” We really understood this gift to the little boy he met who was born just like him.

When Nick was his age, he was struggling. “Tears are a language God understands,” he shared ministering to the hurting in the audience….and then adding, he hasn't always been strong as we see him. He has struggled with depression. “I thought I could never get married or hold someone I loved.” How could God use me? I wondered.”

“Life without purpose is life without meaning. Life without meaning is life without hope.”

His mind wars began young, each morning after he arrived at school. Having no arms or legs, he was a prime target for bullies.

"Mom would give me words of truth before school every morning, 'God has a special plan for your life,' She knew the power of the Word and that Nick needed to be deeply rooted in truth.”

“But when I’d get to school, kids would tease me. Nick felt like what happened to him was similar to the first Parable of the Farmer. “I felt like the birds came and ate the seeds.” One by one those seeds of encouragement were snatched with each taunt and jeer. t’s like the parable Jesus told of the Farmer and the’s how I interpreted it. The enemy is just waiting to snatch away the good seed God plants.” He would return home defeated and discouraged.

“I wanted to die by the time I was eight,” he stated. “It wasn’t just believing what others said either,” he shared. “It was how I talked to myself and what I believed.”

“I’m a loser; a failure. I can’t do anything”—“What good am I to God or anyone?” This thinking was killing him.

How did he overcome? He had to learn what truly counts.

"It didn’t matter what other people thought about me, or even what I thought about myself . Only what God said about me is truly true, and God said he made me for His plans and purposes…just the way I am. He framed me in my mother’s womb” he quoted Psalm 139:15. He quoted 2 Cor 5:20, 'I am an ambassador for Christ.' Lies lying in our mind don’t change the truth.”

“I learned to let God’s Word be true and believe it. And the truth set me free…”

“You must understand the power of God’s Word and be deeply committed to knowing it. How do you study? How do you read? You open the Bible. We’re at war. Going to war with the sword of the spirit!”

“I know who I am, why I am here and where I am going.” Nick offered others the opportunity to know Christ and many raised their hands. It was a full circle. “God gave me to give to you, so when circumstances don’t change and God doesn’t make sense” we can remember his story for encouragement.

“I travel 40 weeks out of the year,” he disclosed. “I would like to get married—but I’m not looking right now,” he flashed a grin while the audience laughed. “I’m too busy.”

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