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I tossed two chews to Benji, my mini-schnauzer and Sam, my Lab. Promptly, Benji dropped his bone and snatched Sam’s right out of his mouth. Sam didn’t budge. He stared into his little brother’s fiery eyes before Benji trotted off.

I threw Sam another rawhide.

Immediately Benji dropped the last bone he stole from Sam and ran back to Sam snarling. Sam turned away gripping his treat. Benji snarled and nipped Sam’s giant paw. He wanted that bone.

Dad frowned. “Is he always like that?

“Benji wants whatever Sammy has.” I explained to Dad.

It doesn’t matter if I give to each equally. He only wants what belongs to Sam. What an ungrateful grabby little guy Benji portrays when he’s in the greed mode. It’s not a pretty sight.

People are ugly, too, when we are ungrateful for what we have—only angry for what we don’t have.

Just as I love Benji irregardless, so God loves us. No matter how ornary we can be, ungrateful and unholy, God in His wisdom commands us not to covet our neighbors goods—to change our focus, His love reflects a long-suffering parent to us, similar to what we must portray with our dogs. Always attempting to extract the best of virtue while working with the worst.

Is there someone who has something you have been eyeing?

It’s a gift of love from me to Benji, and from God to me…and you.

Father, avert my eyes and thoughts from what is not mine. Teach me to be content.

You shall not covet your neighbors goods.


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