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Earwigs and God

Re-posted blog from Mon, 24 Sep 2007

This morning at singles we were talking about growing our faith. The woman seated next to me spoke up, “I drive a boy to church named Charles. This morning he was all freaked out because an earwig was on his pillow when he woke up…and he was upset it could have climbed in his ear while he was sleeping.”

Immediately images of patient’s palming the side of their head arose in my mind.

I remember people coming in the ER puzzled and hyped up…”I know there’s a bug in my ear. I can hear it in there.” Sure enough the doctor would get a long metal tool and an otoscope… once it was a moth.)

She continued, “ I tried to calm him down- and talked to the little guy about being grateful it didn’t get in his ear.. we began talking about nature and God’s beauty all around us. By the time we got out of the car his whole attitude had changed.

Later she shared how God turned the boy’s anxiety into wonder, with the group leader. “If our friend is concerned about a bug in his ear, God is concerned about a bug in his ear. Whatever hangs us up, God meets us where we are… and builds our faith,” he responded beautifully.

What a wonderful way to enter our week, thinking about the joy of knowing a God so personal, whatever bothers us bothers him. So we can start again today confident that we can talk to Him about any little thing that bugs us. And, just like Charles spoke to his friend for comfort and encouragement, we can talk to God about any of our little fears and know he can turn our perspective around so we come out with greater faith, on any given day.

Cast our cares on God, He cares for us 1 Peter 5:7

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