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The Artist, the Glory and You and Me

The Artist- From Shining Star to Sea, to You, to Me

Or Of Fish and Sky and You and I

In His time and for His glory, He writes the chapters of our story.

The idea that God creates life dominated my Catholic three-year old curiosity as I daily fed my goldfish, Goldilocks, and watched her swim circles in her bowl. While our little missile books explained her beginnings in Genesis 1, (God created the fish of the sea), Mom added value to Goldie. “Goldilocks keeps me company at night when your dad is out of town,” Mom would whisper as she tucked us in bed.

There is comfort in creation as there is a comfort knowing we are created and we have a Creator.

I first heard the phrase, “God is alive on planet earth” in elementary school.

Through the glory of nature, it first clutched me—the revelation of God omnipresent, a big word, with huge implications.

At ten years old, the wonder washed over me with a wave I would never forget. My nose felt cold, pressed against the glass of my tank as I scrutinized my tropical fish community purchased from the local Kmart. I marveled at speckled molly babies, the size of an ordinary black ant, hidden in algae floating at the surface of my aquarium. Tears. God has a magnificent mind to create these beautiful little creatures.

Fast forward fifty years. Fitted with a snorkel and mask floating in salt water over coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean, I sensed the same marvel stalking parrot fish.

Later, the same day, I gasped, mesmerized as we stood on volcanic soil gazing through a telescope at Mauna Kea viewing Jupiter. The red rings of Saturn—electrifying. A moonless earth night promised perfect conditions to stage a glorious star parade.

My husband and I stood speechless for the last grand entrance before the night passed.

We were the last of the stargazers, not yet fleeing the plunging temperature. Shivers of joy, replaced shivers from the chilling night exposure as the Southern Cross rose into view. It shimmered from the South Pole, high in the sky as if greeting the prize of the Arctic at the opposite end, the blinking brilliant North Star. We gazed back and forth, transfixed, far below in our terrestrial point between the two, as they beamed each other from one side of our planet to the other in the stunning midnight-blue sky.

Who would have thought something so unusual could end a holiday where the first five days upon landing felt trapped…ill and stuck far from home? Only the last two days had we been physically able to travel and enjoy the natural wonders we had felt barred from. Now we felt God’s mighty presence.

He knew the exact spot we stood, no doubt.

Jesus Christ assured His disciples upon observing a sick bird, “You are more valuable than sparrows. What about fish or stars? I felt insignificant as we observed the heavens that night. Yet, even as God calls every star by name and nightly appoints which will be hung and visible , He positioned our night. He chose to bless my astronomy-buff husband, post sick-bay, with a fantastic birthday, because we are significant.

More valuable than sparrows Matthew 10:31

The moon and stars which you set in place Psalm 8:3

His creation is important, because He made us.

He knows you inside, out. He sees your ups and downs, and appoints your days and times too—the times you will display His goodness, His love in a lackluster world. When you will shine and people will notice.

Stories are a daily revelation of purpose bringing value to the most amazing creation of all, man. Jesus’ words live. They are the same yesterday, today, and forever in our everyday life, in ordinary places. Jesus’ words relay something bigger than ourselves. They project we are here by design and purposed to be loved and valued more than the glories of nature.

Man … created in God’s image. You… designed to love and be loved by God and enjoyed by the Artist whether glistening in the background or on display for all to see.

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