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The Dating Dance

Understand that Dating is a dance. Some men are good dancers and know how to lead a woman. He doesn’t step on your toes or throw you out for a spin and hurt your arm or think it’s fun to throw you off balance.

He isn’t just making up a dance as he goes along and she has no idea how to respond. He prays with her and shares scripture he’s learning. The woman felt no matter how the relationship ended up they would be better people. He is mature, sincere and physically gentle and respectful.

Not all women are good followers. We may try and take the lead which is not our part instead of allowing him to initiate the direction and the timing. Or, we may be insecure and don’t respond because we’re unsure of our self and he has to keep coaxing us that we’re doing OK.

Neither of us may know how to dance very well. Sometimes we can help each other. I have danced with men in the corner so they could practice leading a new dance out of sight of everyone so it wasn’t embarrassing to them and vice versa. How could this translate in a dating relationship?

Words spoken in a timely manner…Read through the Proverbs and ask the Holy Spirit to impress upon you the verses you need to work on in your relationship with men or this man.

In the 50th edition of OPRAH Magazine, women shared advice on relationships they would always remember. One woman shared what a male friend had told her:

“Never compromise, honey,” he said, “It’s not going to get better. Love is a dance and either you’re moving to the same music or you’re not; either your heart feels what his heart feels or it doesn’t. Yours doesn’t. Let him go and do it fast. Slower and kinder never feels better.”

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