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The Dating Dock, A Journey of the Heart - Announcement

“I like him.”

“I’m interested in her.”

What happens through the journey of the heart, from dating to marriage?

I wondered at age 25, confused and facing an engagement. I asked God to help me understand.

His answer—a metaphor, The Dating Dock brought clarity. Later I met a friend for coffee to grasp the male mind at each phase, copied and shared it with many.

Fast forward. My nephews are dating. It’s the 21st century.

Only married six years, I well remember how grating, dating and waiting can be. To me, each break-up felt like a miscarriage of dreams to be loved special by a some one special and hopes to start a family.

Two years ago, I embarked to unpack what God gave me then—for today’s world. Christian college students told me they wanted true stories, Scripture and relevant questions to lessen their confusion at each stage.

“I needed to read this right now,” college freshman, 1st dating relationship

“This is great!” single professional male, dated a lot.

“I want to date as a godly woman and I want to be closer to God.”

Biola student

“This is fantastic...I will be sharing with our Student Life and Campus Ministry leaders...seems like a great resource on an absolutely critical topic.”

John Jackson, Ph.D., President William Jessup University, Rocklin Campus

…“It’s the dating. I dread it,” one man is described. “It’s like holding your breath. Diving in deep waters. Struggling to keep your feet free of seaweed. Opening hundreds of oysters in search of one pearl.”

Dana Sudboro, author

Dating has it’s ups and downs, whether online, meet-ups or introduction—it can take energy. During the ebbs we don’t expend effort to make ourselves available. It takes energy to search, to get out there, to be open to the unknown, to be emotionally available…

Because to truly connect, we have to be ready emotionally, heart present—not just physically present and active.

True stories, Scripture and relevant questions for groups or individuals, expounds on each stage of dating. Key points and beautifully illustrated sketches by EV Sparrow provide clarity to anchor flailing feelings.

Communication tips ease the anxiety of connection and friendships with the opposite sex to gain confidence for dating relationships, whether observing from the dock, casually connecting or seriously considering marriage.

"We need to offer our youth support and validation to counter the influence of worldly ways and advice. It’s nice to have their own value system validated as a viable option…one that still does exist and is real. As Christ’s disciples we have to raise our voice. Hey, let’s not forget we still have what Jesus taught and it’s wonderful and real and valuable.”

Ca LMFT,PH.D counselor, twenty-five years experience

The Dating Dock is written for Christian young adults ages 18 to 30-something whether they are beginning to date, interested in dating or making the decision of a lifetime.

• Metaphor and poignant illustrations by EV Sparrow for understanding

• True stories and Bible-based principles

• Applicable questions for individual or group study.(mature leader recommended)

• Useful for college or young-adult single church groups.

• Recommended reading for college love and marriage or human sexuality courses.

• Professional slide show available to introduce college course.

• Available as paperback book for 9.99 or colorful ebook 3.99 with links.

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