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The Little Frog

Re-posted blog from Fri, 03 Oct 2008

Last night I awoke unable to sleep. At 2am I began looking for so

mething I misplaced.

My lab, Sammy snored and schnauzer, Benji winced as I pulled out everything underneath the bath cupboards. Removing it all and shuffling it around I left it on the floor and headed for the closet. In the middle of the night, my room was a disaster. Hours later it was all put away again. (Both the dogs were gone, I didn't even hear them sneaking out, and the green carpet was clean again. )

Except for one thing. Something on my rug. I stooped to pick it up and jumped back. A little green frog. A very pale one, petrified. Immediately I knew it was the frog I saw on my bathroom cabinet 2 years ago. It wasn't a baby then and it's not a baby now. It is just a tiny frog. An adult.

It must be dead, I surmised, it was so still. And dry. Grabbing a clear bathroom plastic cup I placed it over the small lifeless figure through half-closed eyes. It sprung up the sides of the cup! Unbelievable! It was alive. I slid a magazine underneath the bottom of the cup and walked out into the night, toward the oleander bush in my backyard. And set it free in the bushes that are green like it is, in the fall night with stars of hope twinkling overhead.

How did that little frog live 2 years in my house? Stuck in all the bathroom paraphernalia under the sink? I don't get it. At times I wondered where he might have gone. That sleepy me barely spotted the little pale jade and yellow frog on my jade rug and didn't step on him... is one miracle. That it was the middle of the night, was timely. Benji loves to play with bugs and small things. He was fast asleep nearby.

That the little frog can be returned to the environment he was made for and not the bathroom cellar prison camp... is a miracle. (Maybe he's not the little frog that hopped off 2 years ago...but maybe he is.)

At any rate, after watching the electoral candidates debates this week and watching Wall Street rock, I fell asleep sure, that if even a tiny creature God created could withstand difficulties and survive until times can change again so can we. Human beings, the creatures created in His image can persevere through to better times no matter how upside down and crazy their worlds are now compared to what they were.

And there are always better times. I have never had a down without an up or an up without a down. A summer without a fall or a winter without a spring. God is with us in season and out of season. Just like He is with that little frog.

"Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free. Psalm 118:5

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