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Why Abstain- Guarding Ourselves Physically in Dating as well as Emotionally

Guarding ourselves physically and emotionally while dating
Love locks...

Watch for the new blog post Dating Dock section—Speedboat, Dating with sexual integrity beginning next week.

Is God out of touch with humanity when He commanded us to abstain from sexual immorality and save our most intimate bonding for a faithful partner evidenced by the commitment of marriage?

Presently I know of Christian couples in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s for their first and some their second marriages who have honored Christ and each other by staying celibate until they married.

A professional working mom told me her teenager and his friends have all decided they are not sleeping around as they watch the other half of the school…

Abstinence is crucial for today as sexual disease broils below the surface of the deception of experimentation and hedonism. CNN posted an article August 2018 with huge implications for the future.

I felt compassion for a young collegiate writer as she attempts to allow herself to desire monogamy? As she grapples with the inner conflict of the world’s values and her own innate desires built into her by her Maker unknown to her?

To expect faithfulness with sex, an innate natural bond God designed for people? To expect sex within the safety of loyalty and love.

Modern Love, by Lauren Petersen graduating senior at University of Chicago. New York Times May,26,2017

There's such a clear distinction between God's ways and the world's ways in dating.

It was present when I was young, the hippie generation, and always will be. If I didn’t ask Jesus at the time I did and have the plumb-line of the Bible, His Word and the comfort of His Spirit to guide me—a couple decisions at an early age could have catapulted a lifestyle to put me at risk. Instead, I passed through the fire, under His protection and provision.

Abstinence is the best way for God to protect us from disease and infertility. I am grateful for the teaching I was given at seventeen and share more in the Speedboat section of the Dating Dock.

"We need to offer our youth support and validation to counter the influence of worldly ways and advice.

It’s nice to have their own value system validated as a viable option…one that still does exist and is valid.

As Christ’s disciples we have to raise our voice.

Hey, let’s not forget we still have what Jesus taught and it’s wonderful and real and valuable.”

Ca LMFT, PH.D counselor, twenty-five years experience

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